Queer Wellness came to be in early 2016. It started with an embroidered t-shirt in a (what would best be described as) "word art style". This is now the original Queer Wellness t-shirt that you can find in this shop. Oline Marie Andersen, who at the moment was studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Design made the t-shirt for herself. Some of her friends from the queer communities asked if they could buy it - and of course they could. The more Queer Wellness in the world the better the world. She ordered t-shirts that her friends could pick up in her apartment at Nørrebro (which you still can).

The Queer Wellness Logo



2 years later on a summerday in 2018 Oline visited her friend Max in his backyard at Nørrebro. Max was studying fashion design at The Royal Danish academy of Design and was frustrated about the industry. It was stressful and not sustainable. That's not Queer Wellness. So Max and Oline decided to start making embroidered caps by hand that they sold for the price of production. The caps had embroidered statements like "No Hetero" and "Queer Wellness". The thought behind was to put awareness on LGBTQ+ peoples struggles. Too many LGBTQ+ are having mental health problems due to daily homo/queer/transphobia/racism and lack of representation. Queer Wellness want to show other queers that they are not alone. We're here and we want this world to be a better place for us.

In 2020 Max and Oline graduated and now in 2021 they're ready to go fulltime on spreading the Queer Wellness message. Queer Wellness consist of Oline Marie Andersen and Max Steen.

A white t-shirt with red queer wellness embroidery on a red persian carpet.  A black embroidered baseball cap. Photo of the founders Oline Marie Andersen and Max Steen on two horses made of stone.


Using the word queer in combination with business can be a triggy thing and lead to many discussions. First of all we want to say that you are welcome to use the statement ”Queer Wellness”. We don’t own it.

The question is if queerness and business is compatible. If it is possible to make a business promoting queer rights without contributing to a commercial industry of pinkwashing. Pinkwashing is a term used to describe businesses, politicians etc. using LGBTQ+ rights to promote themselves or their products, but not doing anything actively to support LGBTQ+ people.
Queer Wellness is a business made by Oline and Max - two queers. We are doing everything ourselves - from website design to sending out the orders by mail. As we say: QUEER ALL YEAR - not only during pride month.

We think queerness is a solution to most of the worlds problems. Queerness is caring for one another and caring for the planet. Queerness is equality. Queerness is community. Queerness is the fight against patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, body shaming and ableism. Queerness is caring about and living in harmony with nature. Queerness is justice. Queerness is Wellness.

We (Queer Wellness) do think combining business and queerness is possible - as long as we do our best to support human rights and work towards a more equal and sustainable future. If you think we can do it better then please write us!




At checkout  you can choose between three NGOs that will get a donation of 10% of the the sales price. If you choose none of them the donation will go to Queer Wellness - which help us grow. We made a contract with LGBT+ Danmark, DRC Dansk Flygtningehjælp and Verdens Skove. Every third month we will transfer the total donations.  All three organizations has the right to see our monthly order confirmations and financial accounting.

You donate 10 % at check out
You donate at check out
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The textile industry is a big sinner when it comes to environmental problems and health issues. The constant pricing pressure and demands for fast-fashion keeps pushing the industry in a more unsustainable direction. In Bangladesh there is a saying that if you want to know the fashion colors of next season you can go the river.  As a consumer finding out what clothing is sustainable and what is not - can be difficult - as some brands seem to have a green profile, but may burn all their unsold clothing. We try to match our stuck with the product demands. Therefore we might be low on stuck faster than bigger brands.  

Queer Wellness have chosen to use Neutral® t-shirts made from certified organic cotton and without harmful chemicals.  In the future we will also make products from second sort and secondhand textiles.
Neutral® is a brand based in Copenhagen that do their best to change the textile industry. They have the following certificates:
Neutral Certified Organic six different certificates logos
Neutral Certified Responsibility Logo




All our products with embroidery are embroidered at Profil Broderi in Vejle or to be more precise, Jerlev - a small town outside Vejle in Southern Denmark. Profil Broderi is a firm etasblished in 2000 by Lilly and Marianne (mother and daughter). Today Profil Broderi consist of four women with years of experience within the textile industry. In the header video you can see their awesome machines in action.

Profil broderi logo


At the moment Queer Wellness only ship to the Scandinavian countries. If you live in another country and want to buy a product - send us a message and we'll figure something out. We use DAO home with a standard cost of 45 DKK for the Danish orders. The package will be delivered in your mailbox or at your door - if none of these are possible you can pick it up in a package shop. If you live in Sweden, Norway or Finland we will send your package with Bring (70 DKK) to a package shop near you.

When you place an order we will provide you with and order confirmation and tracking number, so you can follow your package.
Remember to write your email correctly - We won't send you newsmails! If you want to know more about DAO home delivery - here you go:

DAO shipping logo


Did you order the wrong size or regret? Fear not you can send it back and get your money back. Just remember not to wear the t-shirt (you can try it on of course) and return it within 14 days. We send the t-shirts in paperbags from ETHICAL PACK.  They have two stripes with self-adhesive tape: One for us and one for you if you want to return it. There are already too much plastic in this world, so lets not use more.

Send it to:
Oline Marie Andersen
Slotsgade 11 st th
2200 København N

Remember to fill in the return form that we put in your package. If you lost it you can download it here!
You are also welcome to return / exchange the package personally - just send us a message and we will tell you when we're home.

Ethical pack how to
Ethical pack how to
Ethical pack how to

Terms and conditions

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover.

Write to customer service: info@queerwellness.dk

DKK 45. All parcel delivery is made with DAO home in Denmark.

DKK 70. The package will be send with BRING to a package shop near you.

Denmark: 2-3 working days. 
Sweden, Norway, Finland: 7-10 working days.
Please contact our customer service to hear about delivery time: info@queerwellness.dk

You are welcome to pick up your order at Slotsgade 11 st th, 2200 Copenhagen N after appointment. If you choose pick-up when placing the order you will be told when in the order confirmation.

Products purchased on queerwellness.dk can be returned, refunded or exchanged for 14 days after receipt received. If you wish to return an item, please write to info@queerwellness.dk within the 14 days and send the item back as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days after the receipt received. Please note that the right to return an item terminates if you have used the item to a degree that manifestly detracts from the sales price. The goods must be returned unused and in the same condition and in the same packaging as on receipt.

Please fill in the return form and send it with the items you wish to return. The form can be found here. Please be aware that the products are your responsibility until we have received them and that you must pay for the return costs. If an item is broken or disappears during transportation, you may be held responsible. In such cases, it will be your responsibility to document transportation.

Once we receive your item and have approved its condition, we will transfer the amount to the same credit card or gift card that you used for payment.

So send to: Queer Wellness Att: Oline, Slotsgade 11 st th 2200 Copenhagen N

The goods are insured during transport and therefore we ask you to check the contents of the package upon receipt. If the package and/or contents are damaged on receipt, please subjugation during the first 24 hours so that we can get the item refunded. Queer Wellness are responsible for goods that are damaged during transport. If your item disappears along the way, we’ll try to track it down. If nothing happens within 14 days, we will send a new package free of charge.

Two years of warranty is granted under the Danish Purchase Act, which means that you have the right to have a damaged item repaired or exchanged. You can complain by contacting us at info@queerwellness.dk or phone + 45 30951991, all weekdays 10-14.